Infrared Light Therapy Is The Key To Your Pain-Free Living

The Infrared Healer by GoodRadiance is a near-infrared handheld, noninvasive, light-emitting, medical-grade device. Registered by the FDA for sale and use in the treatment of a variety of soft and connective tissue disorders as well as many other types of pain and inflammation.

Who is the Infrared Healer for?

Given the numerous benefits of bio-stimulation and photo-biomodulation, Infrared Healer is your all-in-one pain relief device that can be easily used by anyone in the family, including your pets. Below are just some of the conditions Infrared Healer has been proven to help with.


Infrared Healer Features

Why Should I Buy Infrared Healer ?

Infrared Healer is an extremely effective way to treat your pain and some other medical conditions you may have. It is safe and causes no negative side effects. It is the best alternative to pain relief medications and drugs that can cause dangerous side effects. When you can’t afford the extended downtime of surgeries or steroids, you can now experience superior pain relief with this handy medical-grade device.

It is budget-friendly, and best of all, you can manage using the Infrared Healer at home on your own!

Infrared Healer Benefits:

Near-Infrared Light Therapy can Aid in Treatment of Various Conditions

Correction of Immunity

Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System

Neurological Diseases


Skin Conditions and Disorders

Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases

Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat

Diseases of the Bronchopulmonary System

Dental Diseases

Eye Conditions and Disorders

Surgical Disease and Conditions

Breast Conditions and Disorders

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Cardiovascular Diseases

Gastrointestinal Tract Conditions and Disorders

Diseases of the Genitourinary System

Proctological Diseases

Correction of Diabetes Mellitus and Complications

Animal Diseases

Medical-grade technology available at home

Among the capabilities and effects of near-infrared therapy include:


Fertility Rate statistic with the use of Infrared Technology


Safe, Non-Invasive & Drug Free


Near-Infrared light therapy reduced pain by 70% amongst Arthritis's sufferers.

What our Customers Say

Body pains, aches, and strains are part of a professional tennis player’s daily life. With the goal to take a brief break after getting a hamstring injury, I took the risk of trying Infrared Healer. I badly wanted to heal fast, and I was, at first, doubtful about trying something new. But since I didn’t have to take any medicines and the procedure was non-invasive, I decided to give it a go. I was surprised by the quick results, and I am now back in the game — totally pain-free! I pushed my ointments, creams, and other pain meds behind the cabinet and got my Infrared Healer instead. I highly recommend this to anyone who plays sports, especially those who do it professionally and would need fast pain relief!
For the first time in 39 years, I’ve seen a whole lot of improvement on my stability and flexibility. I almost forgot how my knee should usually feel like because the right one’s been ACL deficient all these years. I sought treatment and avoided exhausting activities as much as I can. And so you can say I missed out on a lot of good things all those years. I lacked stability on that knee, felt a lot of stress, lost balance, and felt like tightness. I wish I found the Infrared Healer sooner in this lifetime. In just a few weeks, four weeks to be exact, I saw and felt a lot of improvement on my knee flexibility and stability. It doesn’t even feel as tight anymore. I assume it is because after using the Infrared Healer, there’s been some reduction and both my knees look the same now. Of course, I’m not risking my knee to further injury at the moment so softball or skiing would have to wait for now. But I’m happy to report that I can now go jogging without worries!
The Infrared Healer changed my life and helped me get through a condition that has caused me so much pain and money for treatments. I’m happy I can use it every day. I had adhesive capsulate, also known as frozen shoulder. I couldn’t move my shoulder joint and had to go through numerous treatment. My orthopedic shot cortisone right on my shoulder and my doctor suggested getting physical therapy frequently. If I don’t, then I’d probably be with this condition permanently, and it might even worsen. Physical therapy was such a huge pain. I endured it with high hopes of healing. I honestly didn’t feel a whole lot better even when I was already close to the end of my physical therapy sessions. Thankfully, I've discovered the Infrared Healer. It was explained to me that this photo-therapy treatment is an alternative way to relieve pain, but I never expected it would contribute significantly to my healing. One of the things I missed most before I had frozen shoulder is swimming several laps daily. I’m now back at swimming, and I couldn’t be happier!
Along with aging comes the risk of arthritis, pains, and aches across the body. I thought I had to live with this pain forever, but I couldn’t miss out on life at this point. I consulted with several doctors and was advised to take muscle relaxers and use patches to relieve pains brought about by muscle spasms and arthritis. While I get temporary relief at times, I never felt healed, and I never thought it would still be possible. I spent a lot on treatments already so I almost just gave up. I am very grateful to have found the Infrared Healer. I no longer take any pain pill or use patches. After using it several times, my arthritis has dramatically improved. I feel healed — a feeling I never had before. I even recommended the Infrared Healer to my doctor, as well as the PT’s I met in the rehab I was going to before. Some of my friends at the retirement center are starting to use it too. I’m happy with the results of the Infrared Healer, so I’ll certainly help in spreading the word to others!

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