Treatment of the angioedema by Near-Infrared Light at the comfort of your home.

Infrared Healer is the only known infrared light therapy device that can successfully treat angioedema symptoms. Due to it is unique patented features our invention provides infrared and red light energy penetration without stressing out the cells and at the same time being gentle on the soft tissues of the angioedema sufferers.

“Hi, I am Frank, one of the founders of Good Radiance Inc.
and an angioedema sufferer for more than 40 years. Please watch my video.”

Our Infrared Light Therapy Device – Infrared Healer has proven to be very valuable in the treatment of the angioedema attacks on lips, cheeks, eyes, genitals and other parts of the body. It takes approximately 12 minutes to stop the development of the edema/swelling by holding the Infrared Healer against or close to the affected area.

Based on our observation the Infrared Healer works well for the angioedema attacks nine out of ten times. One of the features of the Infrared Healer is to increase blood circulation in the targeted area temporarily. The red and infrared light penetrates below the skin’s surface, heating the tissue from the inside, this process helps to eliminate the swelling caused by angioedema.


Picture of the young man experiencing an angioedema attack.

Infrared Healer – FDA Registered Class II
Medical Grade Device.

Infrared light therapy device-Infrared Healer generates dilatation of blood vessels and activates the lymphatic drainage system in the treatment area; as a result, the angioedema swelling is reduced and eventually disappears. Near-Infrared light at optimal strength penetrates soft tissue with sufficient energy to create needed blood circulation in ceasing angioedema attacks at the development stages.


Man using Infrared Healer on his hand during the angioedema attack.

Infrared Healer is a non-invasive, handheld and safe device.

NASA initially developed the science behind the infrared light therapy and applied to clinical studies at different organizations.
Infrared Healer provides quick angioedema relief without any side-effects. Our Infrared Healer has unique qualities when it comes to Nano-meters (nm), the infrared wavelength is 840 nm, and the red wavelength is 632.7 nm. The device consists of 16 invisible infrared light emitting diodes and 21 visible red luminous diodes. Research has demonstrated that the most useful frequencies for medical applications and benefit located within the red and near-infrared wavelengths, between 600 and 950 nm.

The Revolutionary Infrared Healer!

Among the capabilities and effects of near-infrared therapy include:

You can use it as often as needed to cease angioedema attacks. It is recommended to use it for approximately 12 to 15 minutes at a time. After the procedure is over you should give it approximately 20 to 30 minutes to determine if the swelling is not progressing any further. It usually takes time for the angioedema swelling to go down completely, but the main goal is to cease it is progression.
After the increased blood circulation starts going back to the average pace, it is possible that angioedema swelling begins to progress again, it may take about an hour or more before you notice it. In case you would feel that angioedema symptoms are starting to reappear again at the treated area than it is necessary to repeat the procedure for another 12-15 minutes. Usually, one or two treatments is enough to stop the swellings. You can also use Infrared Healer on different angioedema affected spots of your body consecutively.
The infrared light therapy will only cause beneficial effects for cells. There has never been any indication of even the slightest side effect or unintended effect documented in the literature. This fact makes the Infrared Healer ideal for the swellings associated with angioedema.
You will begin to feel slight warmth in the treated area as the exposure period progresses. It is due to increased blood flow in the targeted area, and the increase in cellular activity caused by the application of narrowband near-infrared and red light energy. The infrared light itself has no heat.

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Infrared Healer By GoodRadiance FDA Registered Medical – Grade Device

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