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“Infrared Healer” was invented and patented by Dr. Vladimir Dirin at the end of the 20th Century. Prior to the creation of this amazing product, his medical – ecological center in Siberia was actively involved in the development and production of the near-infrared technology.

Dr. Dirin and his team have isolated the most beneficial rays from the entire spectrum of light and put them at the people’s service. Red and infrared rays, that act in entirely different ways upon the cells of the human body, interact to outstanding effect. This effect, quite frankly, impressed even us, the developers and medical specialists who tested the Infrared Healer at the leading medical preventive institutions and the device received highly positive results.

After the creation of the “Infrared Healer” hundreds of clinics and hospitals has been utilizing it successfully before it was released for sale to the general public.
Dr. Dirin and his team of medical professionals have created the ultimate near-infrared device which became a solution to aid in many illnesses in people. The goal was to create the most affordable infrared light therapy device and at the same time to achieve the best quality possible.

Infrared Healer became the household name in Europe first and soon after came to North America. Infrared Healer’s ability to accelerate the natural healing process and relief pain and suffering was recognized by over 1,000,000 people around the world.
Infrared Healer is meant not only to improve the health of the sick but also for those who want to remain healthy.

Our Happy Customers Say

I’ve been using this miracle device for many areas of my body. I suffer from chronic knees and neck pain. I have been using the Infrared Healer for about a year with great results. I highly recommend it to all sufferers.


I wish to tell you how much better I feel after starting to use Infrared Healer on a regular basis. Before I discovered it, I was suffering from hemorrhoid pain and discomfort almost every day. I began to apply it for about 10 minutes every time I was feeling bad in that area, and the pain would go away for weeks. As it was explained to me by my doctor, the near-infrared light temporarily increases blood circulation where applied and that what brings the relief.


Incredible Therapeutic device!

Recently my husband was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. My co-worker offered to lend me the Infrared Healer. My husband has been using it for four weeks twice per day, 12 minutes per session and it has been fantastic. So far with this light treatment, he has been able to avoid significant trucks the doctor wanted to prescribe. I can’t say enough good things about it.


I have waited to write a review of my Infrared Healer until I have used it for a full three months. I use it every day for 12 minutes on each side, I have noticed some real changes. First, my tennis elbow pain is gone, I had to see a physiotherapist monthly for the last four years, and all of a sudden started noticing that I forget to schedule my appointment. It has been one month since I saw my physiotherapist. I am completely pain-free.


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