Infrared Healer’s Technology Successfully Reduces Cancer Patients Painful Side Effects

by Frank Mash

Infrared Healer's Technology

Glowing infrared light therapy device Infrared Healer has been proven over the years to aid in the healing of human wounds and burns. 

Dr. Minenkov, director of clinical services and principal researcher at the Moscow’s Scientific Center’s Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department, praised the phenomenal healing agent in this technology. He explained how the Infrared Healer® was applied to stem cell and bone marrow transplant patients. The device was tolerated well and showed no adverse effects. 
With rising medical treatment costs today, the Infrared Healer® is an affordable alternative. It can be helpful in many health issues without having to make frequent visits to your doctor to receive the same or similar therapy.

Further Dr. Minenkov explained that when Infrared LEDs are release energy in the form of photons, they are also releasing long wavelengths of light that in turn stimulate cells to speed up the healing process. 
The best part is that Infrared Healer’s technology allows LED chips to function at their maximum irradiance.

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